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Running a business brings about a big responsibility to a customer base. Many companies need to be available 24/7. This can cause some issues when your receptionist only works regular business hours. Doctors, for example, may need to be available

Managers work in many different industries and usually have a very diverse job, depending upon the type of industry that they work in. However, if you were to evaluate the manager’s job description closely, you will realise that most managers

This article talks about improving your recruitment campaign through the processes of a marketer. Your potential candidates should possess both the technical skill set to do the job, while also demonstrating they’d be a good fit with the company’s culture,

In the current dynamic business community, there are plenty of expectations from the company when it comes to administration and services provided. A business today is anticipated to provide first class services to the clients, increase profitability and costs low,

How many of us I wonder, have ever worked for a boss who seemed to have no idea how to actually do his job, or run the company properly? Someone who just doesn’t seem to make the right decisions, or