2 Ways Small Businesses are Wasting Money on Marketing the Wrong Way

As small businesses already have a limited budget to survive in the market and also marketing in Singapore can be very challenging. When the business owners don’t manage this the right way, it can cost a lot of waste in time, effort and of course, money. Here is how.

  1. Using social media for gaining followers

Social media is an amazing tool but many small businesses believe it is all about gaining a good following. This was good when Facebook reach was good, but now owners have to buy the ads to make them display on your feed and get their content seen. As this may cost a fortune to pay for every ad in various platforms, you can make the most of the feature of email marketing by building an email list and interact with the customers directly. Obtain a list of emails from your social media investments.

  1. Expecting for faster results and quitting

Studies have claimed that small businesses fail within 2 years. Many of them begin strong, but they fail, why? They expected too soon. They wanted quick results. It may take a few months for the results to show up. But they got impatient and gave up too soon. This can be fixed by expecting a two year ramp period.