3 interesting things regarding AWS services

The AWS cloud services include various big data analytic as well as application services. They include:

  • The Amazon elastic MapReduce offers a Hadoop framework that is utilized in processing larger data amounts.
  • The amazon kinesis provides various tools for processing and analyzing streaming data.
  • AWS glue refers to a service that can handle extract, transform as well as be able to load jobs.
  • Amazon’s elastic search service makes it possible for the team to perform various monitoring application log analyses and a variety of other tasks with the tool for open source elastic search.
  • Amazon Athena meant for the S3, allowing analysts to be able to query data
  • Amazon quick sight that helps the analysts in visualizing the data

The AI – artificial intelligence

The AWS does offer various AI model delivery and development platforms and AI-based applications which are packaged. The tools  for the amazon AI suite include:

  • The Amazon Lex used for text and voice chatbot technology
  • The Amazon Polly used for translation of the text to speech
  • Amazon recognition for facial and image analysis

The AWS does provide technology for developers in building smart apps which rely on the learning technology of the machine and the complex algorithms. With the AMIs – AWS Deep learning amazon machine image, the developers can create as well as train custom AI models that have clusters of graphics for GPUs – graphic processing units or for instances of compute-optimized.

The AW does include also the development of deep learning frameworks for TensorFlow and the MXNet. On the side of the consumer, AWS technologies power the services for the Alexa Voice and the developer can utilize the skills kit for Alexa in building apps that are voice-based for the echo devices.

Mobile development

The mobile hub for AWS does have a collection of services and tools for the mobile app developers that include the AWS mobile SDK, which provides libraries and code samples. The developers of the mobile app can as well utilize amazon incognito in managing user access to the mobile app’s ad amazon pinpointing in sending out the push notifications to the end-users of applications and then being able to analyze the effectiveness of the communication.


The AWS services are varied and thus, you can use them for the core communication for the applications and users. Get to learn about them and use them to get the best out of them.