Effective Website Conversion Tips

We know the importance of SEO and talk a lot about it. We keep searching for ways to attract audiences and get traffic to our website. But the battle of lead generation doesn’t end here. Bringing traffic to your website is only the halfway you have walked. The next halfway is converting those traffic into sales and generating revenue for the company.

You may have brought a lot of traffic to your website but it’s only useful when those traffic gets converted into B2B sales. If they don’t convert, they are completely useless. Therefore, to convert those traffic into sales, you need to optimise your website and make your audience feel the need of the product or service you offer.

Here are a few website conversion tips that will help you improve your lead generation process. So let’s get started-

  1. Make Your Website Responsive And Device Friendly 

Do you know Google ranks the websites high that are quite responsive? Yes, one of the criteria for ranking high in the search engine is to get your website designed to be responsive. Another reason for the same could be that visitors don’t like website that aren’t responsive and as the result they leave the website.

Now is the time, when the world has become technology savvy. Instead of using laptops and computer, they surf through their smartphones and tabs as those devices are portable and easy to use. So one must make sure that their website is device friendly and can be operated on any kind of devices.

The latest UX design principles can definitely boost the conversion rates on your website, if one uses it carefully.  

  1. Speed Up The Loading Time Of Your Website 

With world getting introduced to new technology everyday, it’s also becoming impatient. Nobody has so much time to wait for the website getting loaded. They won’t give a single thought and will move to other website if the loading time of the website is a way long. Nobody is so patient to wait for. Therefore, when you are getting your website designed, you must inform or instruct your web designer or developer to design your website such that it takes as little time to get loaded.

However, there are various ways one can reduce the loading time of the website. But it’s always better to keep it clear from the very beginning. 

  1. Always Be Available To Help Your Customers, Use Chatbot 

Many times when visitors visit the website, they have some queries or want some information or answers to their question. Different website use different ways of interacting with their visitors, for example- through calline, email, instant messages, live chat etc. However, the best way one help visitors is through live chat or chatbot. Chatbot is the result of Artificial intelligence, which acts just like a human and answers the questions automatically and immediately.

Chatbots aren’t designed just to help visitors with their queries but they also reduces the workload on the support team and increases the customer satisfaction levels. Hence, if you’re not using chatbot for your website, start using it to boost the conversion rate of your website and to increase the customer satisfaction. 

  1. Create Infographics 

Texts can never beat the power of images. Information provided through images are more convincing and easy to understand as compared to lengthy contents. If your break the content and explain it through images, it is able to clarify the concept better to the readers. Here are the following benefits of creating infographic in your content.

  • Helps improve your SEO
  • Increases the audience reach and brand awareness
  • Likely to get shared more
  • Eye-catching and appealing
  • Indicates an Expert understanding of a Subject 
  1. Video Could Be The Best Way For Conversions 

Whether it’s images or videos, both create a better understanding about a certain thing. Videos could be the best way of making things more clear and understandable to audience if presented correctly. But the same thing becomes annoying and interruptive when it appears as a pop-up or starts playing automatically. As a result, a significant amount of traffic tend to leave the website.

Make sure when you create your video, it should clean and made in good quality. The “play” option should be clearly visible and it shouldn’t sound intrusive and disruptive to the audience. 

  1. Create Content That Converts

Do you know why do we create content? Because people want it. Therefore, whenever you are about to create a content you must make sure that your content adds value to the website as well as to those who are reading it. If your content is unable to satisfy the reader then your content is of no use. Content should be eye-catchy and interesting. You must put in some keywords that will catch their attention and attracts them to read and go through it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind while creating the content is created for audiences and should be based on their demands and requirements. Once you have a clear picture of who you have to serve, you will cook according to their taste and will always win.