Industry Solutions: Document Management

It doesn’t matter which, every industry encounters challenges. Document management is a headache for any industry, because business thrives on information, and lots of it. Without a managed workflow, paperwork can get easily misplaced.

For the Government Sector, document security is the most crucial matter. Government agencies need to be able to deliver a secure, efficient service, and a comprehensive document management platform could very well be the solution. We are in an age of digitisation, and especially with documents that are as important as the ones that exist in the Government Sector, safeguarding the work of this sector is vital. The Government Sector is the forefront of the changes we see in society, so having a management system in place where documents are not only safe, but are guaranteed to be private, is necessary.

For the Healthcare Sector, it becomes a little more personal. Our healthcare professionals have access to our personal files, as well as our medical conditions and details of treatments, past and present. There is always an electronic version of your records, and when you visit a doctor or nurse, it’s rare for them to not be typing on the computer to update your file. Being able to access these files instantly is a must; general practices and surgeries are busy enough without masses of hardcopy paperwork slowing them down.

For our Legal, Accounting, and Finance Sectors, the challenge is very much the same as the Government Sector – confidentially is a priority. Having all of your client’s information in one secure, accessible place, is ideal for the bulky amount of documentation that comes with working in this sector. Having a document management system in place would allow legal advisors and accountants to locate your work among the masses, without any issues.

The Communications Sector boasts customer service. Improving the efficiency and speed of your work by using a document management specialist could enable you to improve your customer service from the start of your business, keeping your company at the forefront of your industry with amazing communication and quick response.

The main issue for the Utilities Sector is correspondence management. Certain document management services, like Box-it, offer an outsourced digital mailroom service, which has the support across multiple channels, where the service themselves act as the receiving point for all customer correspondence. This includes billing queries, address and personal detail changes, and other customer letters. They are received and processed by Box-it, under the supervision of a recognised customer service agent, to ensure customer satisfaction. The history of all correspondence can be viewed using the service’s servers.

Finally, the Retail, CPG & Logistics Sectors. These sectors are a large part of our society’s workforce, and require a range of documents to keep business running. Specifically, alongside delivery documents, there are Human Research documents, and Accounts Payable/Received documents that all need to be properly sorted and managed. Using a document management service would enable all of your documents to be scanned and sorted, without any hassle.