Marketing Is the Next Strategy to Recruiting

This article talks about improving your recruitment campaign through the processes of a marketer. Your potential candidates should possess both the technical skill set to do the job, while also demonstrating they’d be a good fit with the company’s culture, this is the criterion of every recruiting HR.

To help find such qualified and passionate candidates quickly, we must look at our recruiting efforts similar to how we would evaluate a marketing campaign. After breaking down our demographics and categories of the target audience, we crafted a new recruitment strategy that adhered to our core marketing audiences. As a result, we are able to increase the reach of our recruiting campaign to specifically targeted audience, resulting in the hiring of new team members who are sure to make a positive impact at the company.

Here are some pointers to tackle this major recruiting push on a short timeline.

Market Research

Market research is an essential first step in any marketing campaign. Because you can’t sell to everyone, it’s important that you have a crystal-clear idea of who your target audience is.

By catering messages and agendas to your targeted demographics and psychologies you can learn how to better communicate in a manner which speaks and connects to them in an emotive scale in the channels that they actually use.

If you think you can skip this step because you already know what your employees are like, think again. Despite your deep insights in the industry and your type of candidates, there is a good chance you might wrong one of the easiest steps to understand the needs and interests of the type of employees you need, utilise your current best employees to dig up gold mines of insights that are invaluable to your campaign.

Dig up your cooperate messages.

Any good marketing campaign starts with a strong message it wants to send to its audience. Recruiting is no different. Before you think your campaigns into where and what to post in your job listing, always think about what kind of message you want to show and what are the benefits and perks that hold the attention of the candidates while also making sure you don’t clash but go along the guidelines of the cooperates missions, visions, and aims as to build a strong employee branding.

By treating recruitment campaigns as more than just a matter of publishing a job opportunity, but rather a process similar to a marketing campaign, you’ll be able to better attract the right types of qualified people to apply for your job. While it may not happen overnight, you’ll find that the effort put in now to reach great people will pay dividends once they join your team.