Vetting Management Positions: Ensuring the Security of Children

If you operate a school or child care facility, you need to ensure the health and safety of the attendees. That is why it is necessary to perform background checks of the staff. Doing so will enable the continued secure operation of your facility.

Making Sure You Employ the Right People

When you review the skills and background of teachers and similar staff, you cannot underscore the importance of Section 128 checks. These checks make it possible for you to employ staff members that truly care for the welfare of children.

When used for management, this type of check is invaluable. That is because it reviews the names of people who have been barred from managing independent schools, including free schools and academies. These terms have been set by the Secretary of Education.

Processing a 128 Check

You can obtain the services of a company to perform the check on your behalf. A service can process this type of check the same day, provided it is requested before 2:30 pm. As soon as a check is made, you will receive results in your email. You can also opt for a fast-track scheme, which enables you to receive results within a couple hours after the receipt of your order.

Institutions that need to carry out checks for management staff include independent schools, education recruitment businesses, and free schools and academies. For example, if you want to employ a headmistress for your school, you will need to run one of the checks. Checks only apply to employing from the outside and are not needed for internal promotions.