Your Social Networking Ecosystem

Numerous attempts happen to be designed to graphically illustrate the social networking ecosystem with different levels of success. The greatest trouble with attempting to explain the social networking ecosystem inside a diagram would be that the ecosystem is actually multi-dimensional, so an easy 2-dimensional image has difficulty precisely reflecting both functionality and relationships.

Below is my primary make an effort to describe the social networking ecosystem using the business or individual in the center of the sphere. Outdoors the “transparent” sphere may be the web in particular (the “cloud” for a moment). Inside the sphere would be the numerous tools and interfaces (not portrayed) accustomed to communicate with the net as well as other social networking channels. Close to the sphere are some smaller sized “spheres” each representing some group of social networking channels (social media, blogging, multi-media…).

Towards the top of the transparent sphere would be the tools which disseminate the information we create out to the net (ex: while at the end would be the tools which aggregate information visiting us on the internetOrsociable media channels (aggregators as an RSS readers).

Interaction can also be direct to social networking channels (likely to in addition to indirect via tools (FriendFeed, Tweetdeck, …).

Possibly probably the most confusing part may be the “curved” lines that emerge from the middle (through the top “distribution”) and in to the various social networking channels representing content we create that are also uncovered to the net. Lines beginning from individuals channels returning in with the bottom represent aggregation or content which comes to all of us. Again, there’s also direct connections towards the social networking channels via that “transparent” sphere. (A lot of things continues and within that glass sphere!).

Note, lines connecting us straight to the different channels and also the web aren’t portrayed but they are implied through the transparent sphere with regard to maintaining your diagram clean enough to check out.

Required then is why so much interest or helpful? For me personally (and sure others to whom these items is part of the way we make our living) you need to understand not just how things function but exactly how they connect with one another. As new releases constantly seriously-line it may be a lot simpler to determine where you can fit them in, if they should be integrated into a specific business, if there exists a model to stipulate them. It may also turn it into a lot simpler to create some misconception for clients in a manner that is sensible and show it for them as opposed to just as being a spaghetti bowl of TLA’s, 2. Names and Websites.

Hopefully this can also spur just a little discussion.

Another quick point that should opt for this diagram, a few of the social networking channels mix over groups as well as an step up from this diagram may be something of the 3dimensional ven-diagram, regrettably that get’s even more complicated to illustrate and tell the person regions apart. May well be a good animation project though. (hint hint any animators available).

Admittedly after i put down trying to produce a better depiction from the social networking ecosystem which referenced both relationship and functionality it had been a bit more difficult than I was expecting. Therefore if all this appears just a little muddy or unclear, ask away within the comments or offer your feedback, I’d like to improve this model.