Yubo Focuses on Real-Time Interaction

Yubo has grown by providing a platform for real-time interaction between small groups of users. The social media platform has also extended its focus on instantaneous interactions throughout its safety measures.

Users Interact Live With One AnotherYubo’s Safety Features Address Parent’s Social Media Concerns

Yubo was founded in 2015 as a counter to popular social media platforms. Most platforms have users post content, which then (hopefully) gains likes, reposts, and other interactions as the content is shared. In contrast, Yubo has users interact with one another through live conversations among small groups.

The real-time interactions that Yubo supports have proven immensely popular with the platform’s core demographic. The platform is now used in 40 countries and has 60 million registered users. Many of these users are from Generation Z, which roughly includes people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. Gen Z users continue to discover the app as it grows.

Age Verification is Instant

Yubo has been equally innovative on the safety front, and it’s maintained an emphasis on real-time — or instant — processes.

Specifically, Yubo has an industry-leading age verification process that provides instant verification. The process users artificial intelligence to verify users’ ages via their photographs, and the AI algorithms have been highly accurate.

The AI continues to advance, but currently boasts an accuracy rate of 98.9 percent across genders, age groups, and skin tones. Users aged 13 and 14 can be estimated within a range of 1.3 years, and the AI’s range for teenagers is 1.5 years.

The instant age verification process helps ensure that only qualified users are accessing the platform, yet it doesn’t deter users from joining. Gen Z is accustomed to instant processes, and the platform’s popularity among Gen Z has shown its verification process meets that instant expectation.

Other platforms have taken note of Yubo’s age verification system. Instagram intends to instill a similar process for all of its users by 2022. Yubo already uses age verification for all of its users.

Content is Monitored in Real-Time

Artificial Intelligence is also used to monitor content in real-time. AI filters take second-by-second screenshots of what users are streaming, and anything suspicious is reported to safety specialists.

Specialists then check the content for anything inappropriate, which Yubo considers to be full nudity, partial nudity, drugs, weapons, blood, and violence. Safety specialists are on duty around the clock, every day of the year.

Being able to monitor content in real-time is, of course, essential to Yubo’s commitment to providing a safe space for live conversations.

About Yubo

Yubo was established in 2015 and offers social media opportunities to anyone who’s old enough to legally use a platform. The platform’s main demographic is Gen Z, however. This population has found that Yubo offers something different from previously developed platforms, and these users especially like the real-time focus. Yubo currently has 60 million users and cont