Follow These Steps To Find The Best Caterer In Town!

Regardless of whether you are organizing a personal or corporate event, you must plan things in advance. Event planners and hosts often spend weeks in getting the right services, and probably the most important of all is a caterer. While there are a plenty of names worth considering, it is necessary to start right!

Check the steps below that can help in making a choice.

  • Shortlist a few names. Recommendations and references always come handy but check online to find about the hyped caterers in business. Get a shortlist of at least five companies handy for comparison.

  • Meet in person. Known caterers always like to meet their clients in person, as it helps in understanding the event requirements better. The response time of the company says a lot about their work ethics.
  • Ask about the menus. These days, most companies dealing in catering Houston have their own menus and ready options for clients. You can also check some of the photos to know what their services are all about.
  • Insist on a customized, local menu. Food tastes best when it’s fresh and made from local produce. While you can always include a few good exotic items, insist on having a menu that resembles to the spirit of the city/region.

  • Know more on inclusions. Some caterers often offer a complete package, which includes table arrangements, buffet requirements, dessert and bar services, besides servers. This can differ from one service to another but check what’s finally included in the price.
  • Ask for a tasting session. Catering companies often charge for this, but if it’s a big event, you shouldn’t be taking chances. Ask for a tasting session, so that you can get a better idea of their signature dishes.
  • Get a final estimate. Finally, you must get an estimate. Ask them if they can negotiate on the price, or what more they can include in the quoted amount. It is possible to negotiate to some extent, so don’t mind trying your luck.

Finally, always get a contract ready in place before the event. You need to be clear about the pricing breakdown, what’s included and other aspects, so that there are no mistakes. Do ask questions related to their work profile and seek references – a known caterer never really shies away from sharing details of their clients. Consider booking the deal at least a couple of weeks ahead to confirm your requirements.