Who Trains The Managers?

How many of us I wonder, have ever worked for a boss who seemed to have no idea how to actually do his job, or run the company properly? Someone who just doesn’t seem to make the right decisions, or understand how to get the best from his staff. Many times people will walk out of the job, because it isn’t a nice place to work. The problem lies in that as a company grows, so some of its staff will find themselves given, or having to adopt, positions that they have little or no understanding of, and without anyone to guide them, follow the path blindly, with no one to point out their mistakes. Management is a skill to be learned if you are truly going to run things well.

What is good Management?

Good management, regardless of the industry, is essential in a smooth running company. A good manager addresses all aspects of the company, and balances its needs with those of its staff. As a company grows, the demands on the manager grow also. The manager will need to be able to communicate, deal with conflict, understand budgets and financing, while developing and motivating the staff, to enhance the organisation’s productivity.

How do people become better managers?

There are some very good managers out there, running very successful companies, who have never had any formal Management training or ever attended any Management seminars. They have generally come to this position through good fortune, combined with a learning curve, accrued from a trail of mistakes. More often than not though, those who have undertaken formal Management training are far more likely to understand exactly what they should be focused on in the first place, and hence make less mistakes to start with. To do the job properly, you need to understand everything you should be focused on, not just those that stare you in the face.

Does it change much from different industrial sectors?

Some aspects of management training will be specific to a particular vertical sector, while the key basics are essentially the same across most industries. Management training enables the employees to develop their strengths and ability to contribute within the organization, in any company. Naturally, specific sectors will have specially designed and tailored things to be learnt, and good training institutes will be in a position to accommodate this. Similarly, some large or highly technical organisations, will require very specific and details attention in some areas, which a smaller and less complex company may not require.

Whether the company is large or small, complex or simple, the application of good management techniques, across the board is likely to provide very healthy benefits to everyone concerned, from the owners to the lowest of the workers. It is always a good idea to find out if your prospective company follows good management procedures and involves its staff with quality management training. It could well be the difference between you working in an awesome environment, in a progressive and fun to be place of work, or stuck back with the fire breathing ogre who seems determined to ruin the company and the lives of its staff as well.