Why I traded my iPhone for the latest Google Pixel 6

You could trade in your old iPhone at Reboxed for the latest Google Pixel 6 and even make some money while you’re at it.

Why, you might ask? Well, I traded in my iPhone for a Pixel 6 because it has a larger display, a bigger battery, charges more quickly, is better for games, and has a superior camera – ideal for taking pics of our growing brood in between them snaffling it to play Roblox. Having had iPhones for years, the Google Pixel 6 also offers a whole fresh take in the looks department.

Best of all, for the price-savvy surfer, texter and talker, you can effectively swap your iPhone 12 at Reboxed for the latest Pixel model and likely make a profit – depending on your old phone’s condition, of course.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really. But let’s delve into a little more detail as to why opting for the Pixel 6 over an iPhone makes a whole load of sense.

The Google Pixel 6 feels and looks the business

Until the sixth iteration was launched, Google had stuck to a fairly ‘safe’ design for their Pixel phones. The Pixel 6, however, is a different looking beast. It’s bigger than the iPhone, a little bit heavier and just feels sturdier. The horizontal camera bar is the standout feature. And it certainly stands out with different hues of the same colour above and below.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 doesn’t look much different to the 12, which only featured a few design tweaks compared with the iPhone 11. The Pixel 6 also has a 50% greater refresh rate than the iPhone 13, meaning the display is much more fluid. It makes for a superior scrolling and gaming experience.

The Google Pixel 6 has a better camera than the iPhone

Google has also taken a huge leap forward with the camera on the Pixel 6, having introduced a whole new system. Certainly, the Pixel 6 takes superior shots than the iPhone 12 and some notable specs are beyond the iPhone 13 too. The Pixel 6 has a 50MP camera sensor versus the iPhone 13’s 12MP and Google delivers a 4x zoom lens compared to the 3x zoom on the latest Apple offering.

Google Pixel 6 vs an old iPhone

No doubt, the iPhone 13 has improved Apple’s smartphone offering. But if you are thinking of trading an iPhone for a Pixel 6, chances are you have an older model than the 13. That means you will be seriously impressed with what Google is now offering in their latest phone. Whereas iPhones have for some time been all about making incremental advances, the Pixel 6 has ripped up the Google design manual and revolutionised its offering.

The Pixel 6 retails at around £600 new versus the iPhone 13, which adds an additional £150 to £180 to the price of the latest Apple smartphone depending on where you shop. You can still get cracking amounts of cash if you trade in your old iPhone and with the price differential on the new Pixel, you could still be quids in. I did.